Cancer Screening: WMA helps Casper

Cancer Screenings

Western Medical Associates is proud to partner with Rocky Mountain Oncology in an effort to prompt the Casper Community to get their routine health check-ups.  We strive to place focus on the importance of overall good health and the necessity of regular cancer screenings. Three of our providers participated in the Central Wyoming Fair and Rodeo Cancer Screenings in July this year and plan to be a part of the Wyoming Women’s Expo in October.

In July, healthcare Providers offered free screenings to both the participants in the fair and rodeo as well as to the general public.  We truly believe these checks will be of tremendous value, given the prevalence of tobacco use and sun exposure in this region.  We are happy to conduct these exams and assist with the program.  Screenings are key to detection and early treatment. Be sure to check back for the dates of these cancer screenings! Wyoming Women’s Expo will be held in October 2017. We look forward to seeing you there!

Cancer Screenings Breakdown:

Clinical breast exam

Skin cancer screening

Oral, head and neck cancer screening

breast cancer

skin cancer

mouth cancer and throat cancer

medical professional feels breasts for lumps or abnormalities
medical professional does a visual check to see if your skin changes are likely to be cancerous
medical professional examines the lips, mouth and throat for abnormalities
annually from age 20 up, 40 and up accompanied by mammography
anyone who notices worrisome changes to their skin
if you have mouth sores that won't heal, persistent pain or discoloration in your mouth or jaw, those who use tobacco