Farewell to Paul Malsom

Western Medical regrets to inform you that Paul Malsom will be leaving the practice on October 26th, 2018, to pursue a career in community service. We wish him the best in his future endeavors!

As you know, WMA has many qualified professionals that will be able to assume your medical care. Please do not hesitate to ask questions so we may transition you to a provider that best meets your needs. The following is a list of providers that are currently accepting patients:

Brehan Newell, FNP

Sarah Frank, APRN

Michael Ottersbach, PA-C

Joseph Schoeber, MD

Jonathan Binder, MD

Joseph Mickelson, MD with review prior

Sherrill Fox, MD with review prior

Brehan, Sarah and Michael work closely with Dr. Schoeber, Dr. Mickelson, Dr. Binder and Dr. Fox.

Thank you again to all of our patients for entrusting WMA with your healthcare needs. We truly appreciate each of you!